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The Maze of Mezzlarus is a 3D first-person action-adventure game where you play as an involuntary contestant on a deadly game show hosted by an eccentric monster named Mezzlarus Toro. Stuck within the twisting, turning corridors of a massive maze, the player must solve puzzles, avoid traps, and collect keys in order to escape. Will you be the Grand Prize Winner or succumb to the dangers of the labyrinth like many unfortunate contestants before you?


  • Move: WASD
  • Run: SHIFT
  • Jump: SPACE
  • Interact: E
  • Menu: ESCAPE

Install instructions

Unzip the "Game.zip" file. In the "Built" folder, double-click "IGMC-2018_MazeGame.exe" to play the game.


Game.zip 33 MB

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